Wooden furniture sales outlet in Otricoli

Gazzarrini Arreda is an artisan carpentry enterprise in Otricoli that has been creating wooden furniture, fixtures, doors and windows for private homes and commercial businesses for almost 60 years.

60 years of artisan furniture

Although based in Terni, Gazzarrini’s carpentry business operates throughout Italy, particularly in central Italy and throughout Rome.

In operation since the early 1960s, the company was founded by Giovacchino Gazzarrini, and has long been a genuine reference point for individuals and businesses who want to buy bespoke furniture of excellent quality.

Quality furniture for homes and restaurants

Contact our Otricoli-based company for the production of your wooden furniture, from creations for private homes to those for commercial businesses.

Custom furniture

The furniture made by our carpentry workshop is completely customised, according to the client's needs

Custom kitchens

Commission Gazzarrini Arredi to create kitchens of all kinds, such as in masonry or in wood, as well as in classic or modern styles

Custom bathrooms

Contact our company in Otricoli for the creation of the bathroom you have always
dreamed of!

Doors and windows

Fixtures are also part of the array of proposals that Gazzarrini Arreda offers

Furniture for commercial businesses

Contact our Narni-based company for furniture for your bar or hotel!

Wooden houses

Gazzarrini Arreda's wooden housing structures are convenient, eco-friendly and made to measure

Carpentry workshop

With Adamo’s entry into the business, son of founder Giovacchino Gazzarrini, the Otricoli-based company was able to consolidate its position even more, to the extent that it now boasts a cutting-edge carpentry workshop located two kilometres from Otricoli, in central Italy.
At Gazzarrini Arreda’s headquarters, we design and manufacture wooden furniture, doors and windows, as well as bathrooms, kitchens and wooden houses.

If you are interested in the company’s artisan productions, don’t hesitate to email or call in advance to arrange an appointment. Our expert operators will draw up a clear and detailed cost estimate for you and will provide you with a completely free consultation.

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