Furniture for restaurants and hotels in Narni

Along with bathrooms and kitchens for private homes, Narni’s Gazzarrini Arreda also designs and manufactures prestigious furniture for restaurants, hotels and other commercial businesses, particularly accommodation facilities.

Classic and contemporary creations

Whatever style you have chosen for your business, Gazzarrini Arreda’s custom furniture ensures each detail is taken care of.

Antique-style furniture

Opt for a retro style for your restaurant’s decor by commissioning the creation of classic furniture.

Contemporary-style furniture

Looking to give your restaurant a modern touch? Choose custom-made, contemporary-style furniture!

Detailed production process

Each piece of furniture made for commercial businesses is worked with precision, without neglecting any detail.

Custom designed hotel rooms

Thanks to the presence of diversified and experienced professionals, Gazzarrini Arreda is able to design and create custom-made hotel rooms, following the instructions provided by the client to the letter, who can opt for a classic or contemporary style to characterise their furniture.

In addition to rooms, our Narni-based company creates hotel lobbies, taking care of both the distribution of the space and its aesthetic details.

Dining and breakfast rooms

Don’t know who to turn to for the furnishing of your restaurant, tobacco shop or hotel?

Choose Gazzarrini Arreda, which will take care of designing and creating bedrooms, dining rooms and breakfast rooms with a unique style on behalf of small and large businesses, satisfying all your requests.

Our staff also takes care of the final assembly.

Projects for commercial businesses

Below is where you can admire some of the creations undertaken by Gazzarrini’s carpentry workshop on behalf of accommodation facilities.

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