The design and production of artisan bathrooms in Narni

In addition to creating custom-made kitchens in wood and masonry, Gazzarrini Arreda also produces artisan bathrooms in modern or classic styles. In this case, both planning and installation are the responsibility of our company staff in Narni.

Rely on Gazzarrini Arreda for the design, construction and final assembly of your artisan bathroom.

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Custom bathroom furniture

After the initial inspection, your bathroom will be completely customised in terms of its size and style.


Our Narni-based company offers a 3D preview and accurate design by expert technicians.

Final assembly

You won’t have to worry about a single thing – all of your furniture is assembled by our carpentry staff.

Unique pieces

Say goodbye to series pieces. Your bathroom will only be made using unique pieces with details decided entirely by you.

From inspection to 3D development

Gazzarrini Arreda produces high-quality furniture for its clients’ bathroom, taking care of every aspect with great meticulousness, from the initial inspection to the development of the project in 3D, and from the creation of the various articles to the assembly in your home.

The company carries out completely handcrafted work that does require any assembly of prefabricated parts, thus, guaranteeing authentic and unique pieces of great value.

Aesthetic, beautiful and useful furniture

The furniture in your artisan bathroom will fully respond to your preferences in terms of aesthetics and will be extremely functional, thanks to the meticulous work of available spaces by our designers at Gazzarrini Arreda.

The Umbrian company is also involved in taking measurements, delivering and assembling furniture, as well as offering wood samples and finishes to the customer so that they can choose the details they like best.

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