Wooden houses built by experienced carpenters in Narni

Wood is synonymous with tradition and warmth but in today’s world, it also signifies versatility, respect for the environment and comfort.

In this regard, Gazzarrini Arreda produces wooden houses of all kinds for its customers. Contact our Narni-based company for more information.

Eco-friendly and earthquake-proof housing facilities

After many years of experience in the production of wooden roofs, Gazzarrini Arreda is pleased to offer its customers a cutting-edge service: the production of wooden houses.

The Umbrian company creates housing structures of any size and for any purpose, which are all absolutely eco-friendly, earthquake-proof and extremely competitive in terms of price.

Gazzarrini Arreda’s wooden houses are entirely made to measure, in full respect of the client’s tastes and needs, as well as the characteristics of the place in which they will be built.

Our carpentry team only works on customised projects and, therefore, does not build prefabricated houses.

Long-lasting structures

Wooden houses can last a long time, if they are made by an expert and competent company, such as Gazzarrini Arreda.

This is due to the fact that the building’s durability mainly depends on treatments carried out on the wooden components, which remain exposed to weather conditions.

Contact our Narni-based carpentry business’ staff to learn more about the procedures adopted to increase the durability of these structures!

Advanced technologies and precious wood

The wooden housing structures built by Gazzarrini’s carpentry business are characterised by cutting-edge technologies and carefully selected raw materials, in full compliance with building principles.

Furthermore, the company guarantees a truly unbeatable value for your money, in line with the value of the chosen materials.

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