Artisan wooden window frames in Narni

Gazzarrini Arreda produces custom-made wooden and aluminum frames, allowing the customer to choose every single detail of the finished product. The Narni-based company, which only uses valuable materials, produces windows, interior doors, security doors and small doors.

Whether you want new wooden frames of the highest quality or to renovate your old ones, contact Gazzarrini Arreda with confidence!

Armoured doors and gates

The single-body fixtures at Gazzarrini’s carpentry workshop are all-in-one and, therefore, highly resistant.

Wooden windows and custom wood and aluminum windows

Choose the strength, versatility and elegance of custom wooden windows produced by the Narni-based company!

High-quality wood

Each wooden door and window is made from high-quality materials.

Fixture renovations

Do your window fixtures need to be renovated? Don’t worry, get in touch with the skilled carpenters at Gazzarrini with confidence and ease!

Custom doors and windows

Rely on Narni’s carpentry workshop for the creation of custom-made doors and windows. An expert team will follow you at every stage, starting with drafting a quote, including all the costs to be incurred, up to the assembly in your home.

The custom-made windows produced by Gazzarrini Arreda are all certified, with low thermal transmission and according to the public financing law.

Window and shutter renovations

Our ample carpentry experience in the sector of the production of custom-made windows joins that of the repair and renovation of windows, shutters and old cottage doors.

Thanks to the skills acquired over many years in business, Gazzarrini Arredi’s staff is capable of stripping every type of wood, repairing and replacing any parts damaged by time, giving new splendour not only to frames, but to the whole surrounding environment.

Woodworking fixtures

Take a look at the photo gallery below to discover some of the fixtures made and renovated by our carpentry workshop for our customers.

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